Therapeutic Day Program

The Challenge

What happens to special needs young adults after High School?

Parents with moderately to profoundly involved kids need a readily available, full day program to maintain learned skills and provide a safe environment.

Meeting this challenge is the purpose of Next Step Ministries.

Meeting the Challenge ...

What is the next step?

Typically the next step after high school is college, vocational, school, or paid employment. However, for special needs young adults who need significant help with mobility, personal care, and/or supervision or assistance with basic activities, this is not an option. Located north of Atlanta in Woodstock, Georgia, Next Step Ministries is a practical solution to this problem. Guided activities maintain functional skills in a Christian environment and are be beneficial to young adults with disabilities, their parents, and the community in which they live.

The Program

  • Therapeutic activities designed to maintain skills learned at school
  • Skilled personnel for evaluation, directing activities, providing care
  • Social interaction for clients
  • Community activities
  • Full or part day program available
  • Smooth transition from high school or the community in a timely manner
  • Christian environment to support the clients and their families and caregivers