Job Skill Programs


The Job Skills Program is designed to provide clients with an ongoing work experience interacting with the community. In addition to the Hope Bones project (making and distributing dog biscuits for sale through local retailers), clients work on various projects for local businesses. Activities of Daily Living and community adventures round out the program.


This program is designed to develop client skills in the following areas:

  1. Team work16263927990 7af145a8c0 b
  2. Social & Communication Skills
  3. Following Directions
  4. Fine Motor Skills
  5. Time management
  6. Functional Living Skills
  7. Money Management


Clients perform tasks under the supervision of our Jobs Skills Program Staff, such as:

  • Job Skills may include collating, sorting, sealing, labeling and packing of items.
  • Living Skills may include work in the kitchen and laundry.
  • Community Skills may include trips to recreational areas, lunch, or volunteer activities. 

Who Would Benefit?

 Individuals who are interested in:

  • Creating positive work habits.
  • Exploring the community.
  • Developing  relationships.
  • Enjoying a productive day.

This Program may be attended by itself or in combination with other Next Step Ministries programs.