Here is a list of our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have other questions please call us at 770.592.1227

What Programs does Next Step Ministries offer?

We offer a Therapeutic Day Program for special needs young adults, Monday through Friday and a Saturday Respite Program for special needs individuals aged 5 and older. Also, we will have a Summer Day Camp for moderately to profoundly developmentally delayed or autistic middle school, high school, or recently transitioned students. A job skills program is also offered. 

Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes. We are a 501(c)3 IRS Corporation. Please consult your tax advisor for more specific answers to tax related questions.

Does my family or family member have to be a Christian to attend the Program?

No, we welcome everyone. As we are a Christian program there will be Christian music and media, Bible stories, and prayer as part of the Program activities.

Is the Program associated with a particular church or denomination?

No. The Program is not formally associated with any church or denomination. Christian values are supported and demonstrated, with the Bible as a foundation.

Who is on staff?

Our staff currently consists of an executive director/physical therapist, administrative assistant, teacher/job skills coordinator, and several trainers. We supplement with an extensive network of volunteers as well as consultants in various areas. They are here to oversee development of the program.

Do you provide on-site physical/occupational/speech therapy services?

Therapists are acting as consultants to the program and are unable to provide one-on-one therapy at this time.

What is your staff to client ratio?

To ensure quality service we provide a minimum of one staff member for every four clients.

What are the Program hours?

We are open from 8:00AM to 6:00PM.

Will you accept all clients who apply?

We accept clients with all levels and types of disability. We do conduct an informal evaluation and meeting with the family to assure that there will be a good fit between the Program and client/family needs.

We are not able to accept clients that demonstrate aggressive or abusive behaviors to others or themselves. The safety and well-being of all clients and staff is of paramount importance.

Will you provide transportation to and from the Program?

No, parents/family members are responsible for getting the client to and from the Program. We can suggest transportation resources in certain circumstances.

Can we come visit the Center?

Absolutely! We welcome tours! Please call (770) 592-1227 to schedule an appointment


I have lots of questions! How do I get more answers?

Please call us!! We would love to talk to you by phone or email, find out your needs, and provide you with information on the Program. and you may be a great resource to help us as we move forward with the "Next Step"!


Our phone is 770.592.1227